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Slow Smoked, Pulled Pork (5 lbs)


** price is for ~5 pound pan **

Slow smoked, pulled pork.   Commonly called pork butt, the starting cut is actually shoulder and comes from just above a cut called the picnic.  We brine butts overnight. Then we coat the shoulders with our 5 BarbQ - 5 Pepper rub, and slow smoke it fat side down over our wood blend until "technically" done but it's not done yet.  From there we wrap it, fat side up now, and cook until it's 203 deg F - this let's the juice, spices and smoke all meld together.  After a short rest, it's ready to pull. The meat is smoked juicy and flavorful.  When pulled, the exterior "bark" built up from seasoning and smoke, is mixed together with tender and succulent interior meat and juices making it great by the plate or on your favorite bread as a sandwich.  You'll get 5 lbs of pulled pork,  good for ~13-20 (6oz - 4oz) typical servings.  Available in "ready-to-serve"  (or heat & eat) foil pans.

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