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Whole smoked brisket in pan
Whole Brisket, partially sliced sitting on chopping block

8 lb Whole Smoked, Certified Hereford Beef Brisket


Smoked on demand. Whole, unsliced, Certified Hereford Beef  (CHB) brisket.  8 lb finished provides 22+/- servings (based on 1/3 lb portions)

The CHB briskets are an outstanding product, grading upper choice or higher with better marbling and meat ratio than most box store prime beef.  They have thick flats and very meaty points and rich soft fat wrapping them both in luxurious flavor along with 5 BarBQ's signature rub and custom wood blend.

Available Options for pickup:

Option A) Hot, ready to serve or 

Option B) chilled to below 40 deg F.  

Both A & B options are in a foil pan, resting in foil boat with natural cooking juices (au jus). Pan is covered with foil. Let us know which you prefer - "ready to eat" or chilled  

Briskets are NOT vacuum sealed (NOT reduced oxygen packaging), but (as Option C) can also be chilled then sealed in a heavy food bag for cold storage or transport upon request.

We are currently getting our Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) Briskets 1 time per week via our supplier.  All orders must be placed & paid for with us by Thursday at 5pm 1 week BEFORE you want to pickup and it will ready for pickup the following Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (your choice) during normal open hours.  

(all products subject to supplier availability & check with us around holidays for changes to order window and pickup times)

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